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Property Lawyers assisting Tenants with Commercial Leases

As a business owner, you know how important your commercial premises can be to the success of your business. Since your office or warehouse is probably going to be one of your biggest investments (as well as one of your biggest liabilities), you want to make sure you’re considering your options, informing yourself of the risks and understanding your rights and obligations.

As your legal representatives, we help you review the commercial lease and associated documents to ensure that they comply with all aspects of the law and reflect the commercial agreement that you’ve reached with the landlord or the landlord’s property managers. Our practical and commercial approach also means that we’re always considering whether your dealings with the landlord achieve both your legal and financial goals and that your rights under the lease can be enforced if necessary to protect those rights.

Some of the things that we help tenants with include:

  • Preparing. Drafting commercial leases and related documents for commercial property (ie, incentive deeds).
  • Entering. Reviewing, negotiating and entering into commercial leases and related documents.
  • Renewing. Renewing commercial eases (ie, through negotiation or exercise of option).
  • Securing. Financing and securing by mortgage or caveat over commercial leases and commercial property.
  • Exiting. Surrendering and exiting or ending commercial leases.
  • Varying. Varying commercial leases (ie, variation to lease).
  • Registering. Registering and removing of commercial leases from the property title.
  • Resolving. Dealing with breaches, disputes and recovery relating to commercial leases (ie, dispute resolution and court appearances).

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